Make Your Voice Heard



There was an opportunity for some of us to be part of the African European Civil Society days in Paris. The event was organized by Coordination SUD, the French national NGO platform, along with CONCORD and FORUS International and was the first event of its kind. It took place under the French Presidency of the EU Council's umbrella, and in the follow-up to the sixth African and European Heads of State Summit. It gathered about 150 representatives from civil societies, the agricultural sector, the feminist community, youth and human rights organizations and decision-makers from the two continents and sought to renew the partnership between the African Union and the European Union in order to refine the role of CSOs for the future. We had the opportunity to represent Y-IDEA by leading a Discussion Group and holding an OP-ED. Our group “Y-IDEA” worked together with the group “Jeunes pour l’Union Européenne et Africaine” to represent the youth voice.
07 May 2022


The equal relation between the African Union and the European Union positively benefited from the 6th EU-AU Summit in February (6th European Union - African Union Summit: A Joint Vision for 2030). The two institutions committed to six deliverables: education, health, peace, security and governance, migration and mobility, multilateralism, with the aim to build a better future for their citizens and future generations, bringing together our people, regions and organisations.
20 June 2022