Make Your Voice To Be Heard


The volunteers of One Hour for Europe are a community. We are linked by the fact that all of us have a common passion: Europe. Our network answers to the citizens’ necessity of being active,involved in something that is higher than the single lives and the need of taking part in the consultations society must do to have a better future. We are facing many challenges and we want to cope with them together.

Every person wilful of sharing curiosity, knowledge and is inspired by Europe and the European Union is the perfect candidate for One Hour for Europe. To understand the past of Europe, learning from it, we want to deepen European culture, art, literature, history... and to decide the future of Europe we want to think about the fundamental values upon which our communities are built and make them concrete in our daily actions.

We are convinced that the European values contained in the Treaties and our Bylaws are a base to be strengthened through a continuous dialogue amongst peers and institutions, the sponsorship of activities in citizens’ best interest, getting the citizenry involved in initiatives and actions led by the EU, raising people’s awareness of the European dimension, and spreading correct information about the EU and what the EU is and does.

This is possible only if each of us commit with all the means she or he has. Our idea of ‘collective intelligence’ welcomes people from any kind of background and studies because our method is a multi-disciplinary approach. The world is an organic system, to complement information is an added tool to frame reality. The events we assist have many shades and members of One Hour for Europe contribute to study them according to their interest and attitude. Diversity is the engine for improvement and development, your point of view is boost for a discussion led by quality of argumentation and solid claims.

The skills our volunteers will train are manifold. Negotiation is one of the main, indeed the structure of One Hour for Europe itself upholds an on-going exchange of information in which a balance needs to be found. Mental flexibility is called to deal with multi-disciplinary projects and topics we have never heard of. What we want to experience is being out of our comfort-zone and challenging our beliefs in an international environment.