Make Your Voice To Be Heard

Mariana Ambrósio

Popularize Communication

This year is the 19th anniversary of the European Day of Languages (EDD), celebrated for the first time in 2001 by the decision of the Council of Europe with the European Commission. This day celebrates the linguistic diversity, richness and influence of Europe’s language represented in the 47 member states of the Council of Europe.

The One Hour For Europe organization, recognizes that the mastery of language skills, enables individuals to express themselves as they wish with others, and thus a better interaction with their society. The organization realizes that, for the diversity of cultures and languages present in the group. Of its European and non-European members who sympathize with European culture. These members are able to interconnect through a single language, the english language, which has in its origin the junction of several dialects that occupied the present Great Britain.

The group can testify that thanks to a language the members can interact, share ideas within the organization, and also develop projects, that in some way contributes to the education of others people. So, the organization perceive the language as a means of transmission, of the principles and values that promotes peace and wellbeing of the citizens in Europe. Such as the fundamentals values of human rights, freedom, democracy and equality defined in the European Convention on Human Rights (1950). The organization believes that all languages bring this advantage, but here, we present the english language, to exemplify that the language, reflects the power to intercommunicate with the world.

This is why One Hour For Europe advocates that learning more languages is important to further strengthen cultural relations and exchanges in Europe. And It’s not only important to recognizes that intercommunicate is power, but it’s also necessary to pinpoint that this power should not to be a privilege, but an attribute accessible to all. Because, when the individual can perceive his society and manifest himself to it effectively, greater is his satisfaction.

And it is within this spirit that the local teams in Portugal, Italy and Turkey, represented in Lisbon, Porto, Turin, Genoa and İzmir, have united and used their social networks to celebrate the importance of the languages present in Europe. With attention to the fundamental principles of European Union and the right of non-discrimination, by the inclusion of people with disabilities, especially those with hearing loss.

The members of the group implemented subtitles in their commemorative videos, and some members communicated in sign language, to this end. Because, One Hour for Europe not only wants to celebrate Europe’s cultural and linguistic diversity, but also wants to promote the inclusion in social media, because the right of access to information and communication can not to be a privilege restrict to some people. But have to be popularized.

By Mariana Ambrósio, co-coordinator of One Hour for Europe’s team of Lisbon

21 January 2021