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Information is the most precious element for a community because it enables to shape and share a world vision.Your competence and passion are the base to understand reality. This space is dedicated to those readers and writers from Europe wilful to contribute building a European common and critical sense. Authors from One Hour for Europe community can publish Articles expressing ideas and analysis of the past, present and future of Europe, EU politics, EU policy and its culture.

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Every month many interesting events are organised
by One Hour for Europe members.
Online platforms and public spaces are the sites where
habitual activities and yearly
Pan-European strikes
take place to raise people's
awareness on Europe.
You can find the nearest event to you and join it or start your own!

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Have a look at wonderful
memories that
continue to inspire us to
inform the people
in Europe. The traces of actions that
influenced the environment
around us and our pictures from
all over the continent show that
we are United in Diversity!

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One Hour for Europe is a network of volunteers.
Its aims are to maintain a continuous dialogue amongst peers and institutions,
to sponsor activities in citizens’ best interest, to get the citizenry involved in initiatives and actions led by the EU,
to raise people’s awareness of the European dimension, and to spread correct information about the EU and what the EU is and does.