Make Your Voice To Be Heard


The Operative Document is the guide for the method used by our volunteers to organise activities. Our Glocal and Local Coordinators together with Collaborators dialogue to find the right forums and decide how to deal with a topic and which format they should use. The practices with most success can be proposed again in other Teams, we want to share positive experience and teach each other Best Practices.

Every member can express her or his creativity in the field they want to implement. Online activities in which people interact, divulgative events, conferences are appreciated to share ideas and knowledge. Social media presence is a must for all the Teams, indeed communication skills are requested in order to convey the message properly and catch the user's attention.

Inside the Agenda is settled when our Pan-European Strikes will be held, preferably in the main squares of Europe. Hence, we can talk with passers-by and connect the community of One Hour for Europe with people that would never know more about the European Union; citizenship benefits from our actions. Another format we uphold is writing. In our One Hour for Europe Website the section ‘’ARTICLES’’ contains papers written by volunteers from all over Europe. You can join the community contributing with your own research and thoughts. If you read a book, knew about a European Union program or you were curious to deepen a topic, the perfect way to make your work to be fruitful for everyone is to write about it and make it handy for all the network. Why should you do it? European society will ameliorate thanks to the quality of your meditations and studies Furthermore, you can create your own Local and then Glocal Team if they don’t exist yet. In the One Hour for Europe Operative Document you can find the procedure to do it. This is an important point because we care about the local territory as much as Global. Your city or village can reunite the people linking them with an international dimension. This is why partnerships with other entities are encouraged. The school, university, associations, institutions, town halls, leisure places, libraries can be good allies in pursuing One Hour for Europe objectives. We can make our European territory flourish with ideas, culture and art, if all of us make an effort to discuss our common past and future. Many challenges are at stake, such as digitalisation, climate crises, world peace, resources and human rights, however we can cope with them through European rebirth and renewal. .